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Why I Started Traina – A Founder’s Story

It’s always a bit scary to be the new kid on the block, making tracks where others haven’t travelled before. But when you’re really passionate about something, it’s harder not do anything, than to take up the challenge.

Hi, i’m Louise, and that’s how I feel about starting my business Traina.

The fitness industry is buzzing right now, with interest and investment in personal wellness at an all time high. For me, it’s fitness classes where I spend the most. I was never one who loved the gym, only going because there weren’t other options. But the emergence of boutique fitness had me like a moth to a flame and i’ve never looked back. But as this new group fitness culture started becoming more popular, I started to see missing pieces in the puzzle. Here’s my story…

“When my favourite yoga instructor stopped teaching in London, looking for a new regular class, I took to Instagram for my search. Before I knew it I was sucked into profiles of what seemed like every fitness influencer going, and found myself poring over their perfect imagery for hours. When I finally crawled out of the rabbit hole, I realised I’d found next to nothing about local teachers.

Yes, they were out there if I searched hard enough, discovered the right hashtags or took to stalking anyone wearing Lululemons within a 3 mile radius. But it struck me as strange that there was such an imbalance between information I easily found from influencers, to hardly anything from teachers whose classes I wanted to attend.

Next on my mission I decided to trial lots of different classes instead, and to the distress of my bank balance I ended up finding lots of incredibly talented teachers whose classes I loved. Once I’d chosen my teachers, i’d spend literally hours tracking down the studios and sifting through timetables to find them. The amount of time it took was counterproductive and it got to the point where I just couldn’t be bothered.

At the time my instructors had been helping me manage daily stress, overwhelm and anxiety, and I felt it was unfair that these great teachers were missing out on client loyalty because it was hard to track them down. And surely there were other people like me who wanted to find where their favourite instructors were teaching easily.

Alongside this, i’d also noticed the disconnect between career opportunities that were open to instructors vs. the big earning potential of influencers. It didn’t make sense to me because in reality, my instructors were the people making a real difference in my life, not someone whose posts I was watching from afar.

And so it was then that I decided I wanted to help every instructor raise their profile, and access the career and earning opportunities available in today’s booming fitness industry, and that’s why Traina exists.

For people like me who want to follow their favourite instructors, and for instructors to create new and better earning opportunities.” 

Start discovering new teachers, or sign up as an instructor today.