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Get to know: Actress and Yoga Instructor, Jade Coles

Meet Jade, she’s fearless, funny and straight up for a challenge. Based in Basingstoke, Jade is growing her yoga community alongside her acting career and as the first instructor to join Traina from outside the big smoke, we wanted to know more about her optimistic and ambitious outlook on life.

Before you began your career as an instructor you trained as an actor in NYC, that must’ve been exciting, why did you choose New York?

NYC was incredible and I’m so glad I took the leap and auditioned for Adlephi to study acting! I guess I’d watched way too many films and just kept dreaming of Times Square and Broadway! I’m one of those people who once I get something in my head I have to make it happen! My family think I’m nuts! Most of my decisions come from fear! I say yes and figure it out later!

So after studying acting, what made you become a yoga teacher?

I actually took one of my first yoga classes in NYC. Suzanne White Breheny, wow what a teacher! Her energy, flows and her ability to keep the whole room smiling even though we were tired, dripping with sweat and total beginners! I just loved how it made me feel and loved the challenges yet appreciated the stillness also! I planned to train in the USA but it was crazy expensive, so I returned home to London and in December 2016 took the leap and decided to train in India. I guess at the time I was unsure to where the journey would take me!


Do you think your acting classes have helped you being able to stand in front of a class, as an instructor?

I think acting definitely has helped with being a yoga teacher. Improvisation for when I completely blanked and forgot my class plans when I first started teaching ! Comedy helped to cure the nerves and break the ice with new classes! I guess auditions and yoga have similarities you’re vulnerable in front of the camera and on the mat sharing your sequences! I would also love to one day do a yoga class in different accents, that would be hilarious!


You’re based in Basingstoke, is there a big yoga trend there and have you seen that change over the last few years?

Basingstoke’s yoga community is slowly building and lots of teachers have popped up out of nowhere! Since I graduated in January 2017 I now have a few people that are my go to cover teachers. It’s also nice that a few of the ashtanga and iengar teachers have appeared!


What has been the hardest lesson you have learnt so far as an instructor?

Hardest lesson is .. you can’t please everyone! People go to yoga for different reasons and I just have to be authentic as a teacher and be myself. They will either love it or hate it and that’s OK!


How do you see your career progressing over the next few years, do you have any goals or new projects on the horizon?

Well as an actor you never really know when your next job or audition is going to happen but I have a massive list which I continuously add to of dreams and things I want to do and achieve! I recently completed my 30 hour mandala and mentoring with Julie Montagu which was amazing, she’s incredible and so knowledgeable!

I now plan to hold more workshops, retreats and launch a few new exciting things for my brand yoganaflow! (More puns too!)

What do you do when you’re not teaching?

I’ve edited this answer a few times, but in honesty I’m guilty for work work work! I obviously have my down time with family and friends where we’ll see shows, eat amazing food and travel, but I am a massive believer in work hard and you will achieve.


What made you join the instructor community at Traina?

I love supporting new start up communities and I’d seen a few posts on Instagram … It’s a fabulous opportunity to meet new yogis and people who share the same passion!

What has been your career highlight to date?

Woah! Well I’ve been lucky enough to teach in Italy and South Africa for different brands such as Aussie shampoo! I’ve also combined acting and yoga for photo shoots and fitness videos. I’m not sure I could choose one because they have all got me to where I am today, no matter how big or small.

What are the best and worst things about your job?

Best thing about being a yoga teacher for me is being able to hold a space and allow my students to feel calm and escape life, sweat, become flexible and stronger not just in their physical body, but their mind as well. I love watching them progress and grow on their yoga journeys! Worst thing is that there isn’t enough hours in the day to do everything I want to do yoga and acting wise!


Find out more about Jade and where you can find her classes here.