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What is Yoga Dance?

Nikki Durrant has been a Tripsichore technique instructor, choreographer and performer since 2007 and now runs her Yoga Dance school, teaching workshops to yoga students nationwide. Traina caught up with Nikki to find out more about Yoga Dance.

For anyone who hasn’t heard of Yoga Dance before, can you tell us more about what it is? 
It is a combination of Yoga and Dance.  I use a the Tripsichore Yoga technique to smoothly move from posture to posture times to the Ujjahi breath and music.
So what could a first timer expect from one of your classes?  
First timers can expect to be challenged and pushed beyond their comfort zone physically, mentally and perhaps emotionally
Do you need a certain level of Yoga experience before trying Yoga Dance or could you be a complete beginner?  
This can be someones first ever yoga class and they will be fine, what it does require is an open mind and willingness to experience something new.
What is it about this style of class that you love?
I love the opportunity to express who I am in that moment, it’s fun and we don’t take ourselves too seriously.
What kind of training did you have to go through to be a Yoga Dance instructor? 
Over ten years of performing, demonstrating, assisting, teaching, and creating choreography
How would you describe yourself as an instructor? 
I describe myself as an inspirer.
What do you love most about your job? 
When I get to see other yoga practitioners leave of the self judgment and loathing and embrace who they are with acceptance pride and love. Which in turn leaves them to apologetically experience the truth of who they really are without expectations .
If you like the sound of Yoga Dance, want to watch Nikki in action or find her next workshops, find out more here.