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Get to Know: Yoga Teacher, Hannah Pocket

So many of the instructors we know and love didn’t begin their teaching career straight from college or university. Many are often juggling other jobs on the side before they take the plunge into full time. Like Hannah, who 3 days a week is working in marketing and comms and fits her teaching around the days she’s not in the office. We spoke to Hannah about the highs and lows of her journey so far.

Tell us about your first ever yoga class you taught?

The first ever yoga class I taught was right after I finished my 200hr teacher training. I was spending some time in a spice plantation in Goa and they had a sign up advertising morning yoga. When I asked about the class the owner said their teach had just moved on. Half joking, half serious, I suggested that I should take the class the next morning. They said sure thing! Which is how I found myself leading my first ever yoga class watching the sun rise over the Goan jungle, on the edge of a gorgeous infinity pool, feeling grateful for the opportunity to share my practice with the small group of smiling international guests.


Hannah Pocket yoga

What did you do before you became a yoga teacher?

I worked in the corporate world of conference production, researching and writing agendas for B2B conferences.

Have you had any embarrassing moments as a teacher?

Only forgetting my lefts and rights! Which I find embarrassing, although all my students are very forgiving.

What do you do when you’re not teaching?

I work in an office 3 days a week doing Marketing and Comms. Outside of that I try to find time to go to classes and workshops led by inspirational teachers. Of course I also find plenty of time to eat cheese, drink red wine and play articulate!

Do you ever go to other classes and do you have a favourite instructor?

I try to go to a variety of yoga classes and love to experience different styles of teaching. Top recommendation right now would be to check out Michael James Wong’s amazing west coast power yoga practice every Wednesday 7:30pm at Frame Shoreditch and Tuesday’s in Frame Fitzrovia at 7.15pm.

Do you have any advice for new yoga teachers starting out their career?

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself and enjoy the journey. Talk to people, people are nice, and you never know who the next person to help you out might be. Flyers are the best way to promote a local class!

What is the best yoga-related purchase you have ever made?

I LOVE my Lululemon mat, you just can’t slip on it! Game changer!

What has been the proudest moment of your career so far?

When I first started my Tuesday night yoga class in Balham I had lots of friends coming along to show their support. Some of these friends are still coming every week and it makes me super proud to see how committed they now are and how much their practice has developed.

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