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Why your local studio is good for your wellbeing

Fitness studios come in all shapes and sizes, and no matter what type or style you’re looking for, there’s always an option to suit your requirements. In the heart of our diverse city there are luxury studios with their tribe-like followings galore, but with the rise of the boutique fitness studio, it’s easy for us to forget about their less central counterparts who have quietly been delivering great quality experiences for years.

In South London, located between Balham and Tooting there is a hidden treasure in the form of reCentre; a holistic health and wellness centre. There are no signs of neon-lit motivational quotes, pumping playlists or sportswear on sale. Instead, you’ll find an array of health and well-being practitioners, a charming Yoga studio and a host of traditional and alternative therapies on offer.


As a society, when we speak about health and fitness we often focus on the physical, and although our awareness of mental health is improving there is still a long way to go. Places like Recentre, where treatments and classes combine to cover ‘health’ in the broader sense are fundamental to increasing our understanding, knowledge, and access to a holistically healthy lifestyle.

recentre studio balham

The Traina theory, that enjoyment of fitness hinges on our relationship and connection to the instructor isn’t simply unique to physical fitness, it rings true for all types of health and well being practitioners too. Lucky for us South Londoners, (speaking from experience) reCentre boasts first-class practitioners and therapists across all categories. From the more traditional Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Osteopathy and Psychological treatments to alternative healing such as Reiki and Naturopathy, there aren’t many therapies you can’t find here. And then there is the studio that falls host to weekly Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi classes as well as more experiential weekend workshops.

Now as a marketer by profession, the lure of a creative brand and Instagram friendly decor found within the luxury boutique studios definitely doesn’t escape me. But when that is all stripped away and you’re left with the skill, knowledge and passion of your teacher, practitioner, or therapist – these are the elements that really make or break your experience. And as we become more holistically health conscious we can find sanctuaries and trust in spaces like reCentre, who prove that the local studio should not be underestimated or overlooked.

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