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Molly Harragin & why she loves Jivamukti Yoga

You haven’t always been a Yoga teacher – what inspired you to become one?
I had recently quit my job in publishing, disillusioned with the profession and unable to hack office life! I had been to India to study Yoga and did my teacher training with the intention to learn more about it. When I graduated, Jivamukti Yoga had a big surge in popularity and demand for teachers was high. Although I didn’t feel ready to teach, I was pulled into cover a few times and realised I absolutely loved teaching! I found planning the classes very creative and loved that my job had become about spreading peace and positivity. That quiet time in class when everyone is still in savasana is magic.
Where did you first hear about and experience Jivamukti Yoga?
My teacher from Leeds told me to try it when I moved down to London. I tried a few studios near me and trekked over to the Jivamukti studio to try it out. It was love at first sight.


What made you choose Jivamukti over any other style?
I love that it connects the practice to a different spiritual focus each month and attempts to bring the teachings off the mat. I love the feminine flows, the assists, the chanting, and the community.
Molly Harragin Yoga
What makes it different to other types of Yoga?
It includes a spiritual commentary in every class and the China gel! (A therapeutic gel that incorporates pain relieving concepts from ancient Chinese Medicine).


Why do you think it is a lesser known style?
It’s relatively new in the grand scheme of things, and the training is expensive!


As an instructor – what has your best class experience been?
Definitely teaching on retreats. Classes can go as long as 2.5 hours and you have all the time you need to complete the practice properly with pranayama and meditation, which can take people to a deeper level of consciousness.


For those that are new to Yoga, how would you describe your classes and teaching style?
I have recently qualified as a Yoga therapist so I blend my Jivamukti and therapy background into an explorative fusion of the two. Expect a spiritual commentary, poetry, therapeutic meditations and breath work, a slow strong flow and hands on assists, all accompanied to music. Find more instructors like Molly on Traina.