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Danielle Everdell – Spin Instructor Extraordinaire

Dancer turned instructor Danielle Everdell talks to us about the ups, downs and things she loves most about teaching spin class.

What made you decide to become an instructor? I’ve always been a very active person, I find it hard to stop and can’t go a day without working out…
I realised how good it makes me feel physically, and mentally knowing how much more productive I’ll be if I’ve done it.
I’m also a people pleaser and I wasn’t sure about the best way I could help others using my background and experience, but seeing how much of an affect it has on people and what a difference you can make in someone’s life is so rewarding. Motivating my clients also becomes the motivation that drives me.
Why did you choose Spin?
I actually used to hate normal Spin…i’ve been a dancer since I was 3 so it’s hard to find something that gives you the same buzz as performing on stage. When I tried riding to the beat in a dark room with lights and epic music, I fell in love… Finally, exercise where I can pretty much dance on a bike and feel like I’m performing on stage up on the Spin Podium.

How would you describe your teaching style?

FULL OUT animal dancing on a bike!
What is your most memorable moment as an instructor?
Many to be fair, I love it when you have a full room of 50 Riders – but there was one class in particular i taught at Psycle where so many people I didn’t know came up to me, or contacted me after the class to say it was the best class they’d ever taken, that they had come to class feeling down or emotional but the class had totally changed their day. You can’t beat this sort of feedback – knowing that you’ve made a difference to people’s lives.
And most embarrassing?
I very often get carried away and have either wacked my head on the handle bars or completely slipped jumping off my Bike…
What are the best and hardest parts of your job?
The hardest parts are definitely the early starts and giving so much energy when you barely have enough for yourself. Sometimes I’m tired 24/7 and want lots of naps, but it’s all worth it for the buzz you get when you’re teaching with no distractions from the outside world, just you, your riders and the music – sweating like DOGS!
If you could recommend another class or instructor who or what would you recommend?
God, that is so hard – OBVIOUSLY all of our Dog House Instructors…However, knowing how much training we all went through at Psycle there are lots of instructors who were there at the same time as me who I will always recommend for their epic classes. If I want a really good Yoga class… Chris Magee at Another Space is just another level. And if I just want to Dance – Rhian Duncan at Pineapple Dance Studios is your girl, she is something else.
Do you have any secret talents?
Erm … Dislocating Knees sadly not the greatest talent to have!!
What is your biggest guilty pleasure?
Hmmmm I am a massive Foodie but Pic and Mix sweets from the Cinema –  sometimes I will only go to watch a movie for that reason!
What is your best piece of advice to your students for their Spin practice?
To come out of their comfort zone, try new tricks, escape, but learn in the dark and take out what you need to be strong in all aspects of everyday life.
When you’re not teaching what’s your favourite thing to do?
Go on adventures, walk for miles, explore, travel, eat good food and see my favourites!
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